About my products and pricing:

I offer the highest quality prints around. Every print is carefully checked and processed for your satisfaction.

I personally edit every photo so that lighting and color are at their best. This is something I love to do and don't want to risk someone else doing it wrong.

You will find that my prices are very competitive. I keep my prices simple and low.

I believe everyone should be able to afford portraits. That's why I make my portraits priced for everyone and easy to choose what works for you, your decor, and your budget.

Retainer  costs are due at the time of booking/consultation. Retainer payments are non-refundable. This holds your date, just for you.

Read on to see all the many options and items we offer...


Everything is  A La Carte. You choose the size and style that fits you best.

Visit each page on the top for more detailed information and prices.

Here is a quick video of everything Keepsake Images did in 2019. I'm sure you'll see, we make sure your memories and images truly are a keepsake.

Memory Albums

•Assembled Leather Albums: $280 and up

•Hard Covered Photo Books: $80-$180

*Proof Portfolio: $60

Digital Downloads: 

$30 per image, up to 50 images for $650 OR  all images in your gallery $900.  

Fully edited and print release included.

Print prices include a digital copy for 8x10 or larger.

Premium Gallery Packages

Premium Gallery Packages come in an eye appealing arrangement completely ready to hang in your home.

Gallery A: 1-16x24, 2-10x20, 2-8x10

Canvas - $576

Metal - $426

Float - $452

Gallery B: 2-16x20, 4-11x14,2-8x10

Canvas - $1136

Metal - $976

Float - $485

Gallery C: 1-20x30, 1-16x24, 3-11x14

Canvas - $865

Metal - $693

Float - $449

Gallery D: 3-24x36, 3-10x10, 3-11x14

Canvas - $1090

Metal - $1114

Gallery E: 1-20x30, 2-16x20, 5-8x10

Canvas - $1104

Metal - $1067

Float - $541

Gallery F: 2-11x14, 4-5x7, 2-8x10

Canvas - $699

Metal - $288

To view galleries and order products click here.

Memory Albums

Travel Prices

Travel prices are $30/hour, hotel costs if needed, and (if needed) a food
allowance of $75/day. Travel within 40 miles (half hour-ish) of studio is

You choose the location that is right for you and your photos.

Outdoor photography is beautiful. You choose the area that fits your
personality. Bridger Valley locations are included in the sitting fee.

If outdoor photography isn't for you, my studio is located on Main Street
in Lyman. I have all scenic backdrops, classic backdrops  and great
studio ideas.

Treasuries and Bundles

I offer complete packages for seniors and babies. With the
purchase of a bundle or treasury you save time and money. It means less
worry. Everything is paid for ahead of time and you know exactly what
you are getting.

Of course bundles and treasuries are only an option. Everything can be purchased separately and on your own time schedule.

Contact us with questions  or to make an appointment.

Already booked a session? Here is the link to the contract to finalize. https://form.jotform.com/61015611364142