Color Ideas

Here you can find great ideas to get your mind working on that perfect color pallet.

Aqua is the most versatile and beautiful color to photograph in my opinion. You can mix it with so many colors and look great!! It goes with many themes and just about every skin tone as well.
Looking for a great summer scheme? You can't go wrong with mint! Mint can mix with several colors to bring in that beautiful summer feel.
Green and blue look great together! Basic tones look great for fall color schemes. Who says you have to stick with the basic blue and green though. Add some spice and brighten up the colors for summer.
Throw in some yellow to add a nice pop and another color for large groups.
Red, white, and blue are the perfect colors for summer photos. Denim works great with most colors and skin tones. Want to use red for fall? Add some browns and creams to your favorite red outfit.
Brown and cream with denim is perfect for fall or winter pictures.
How about a little mustard against the white snow? It's fantastic! Great color pop for winter or fall pictures!
Here are a few more ideas for color schemes. For summer or spring, just brighten or go pastel of the same colors.